Saturday, July 30, 2005

Could Ya Pass the Aloe Vera Gel?

Today was my first time in a lonnnnnng time out at Saguaro Lake. If anyone tries to drag me up that way again, remind me to convince them to go to Canyon Lake, it's really much nicer there- fewer crowds, far fewer idiots with glass bottles (Really people, what the fuck ARE you thinking?), and a really pretty drive (albeit a very harrowing one when going back into town). This was my first time on a jet ski, and all I can say about that is "Wheeeeeeeee!" Those things are much too much fun. If you've never been on one, there's really no way to describe it; you just need to try it yourself. My little cousin Noah (I think he's like 4) wanted to ride, so we put him on there with me at the helm and we took off. We took off at a good clip, and he was immediately asking me to slow down. I guess he won't be taking after me when it comes to roller coasters. So, we puttered around the lake at a moderate pace, and I got a quick lesson that jet skis are easier to control at top speed. I went to make a turn at the slow pace, and both Noah and I got a ducking in the lake. He was definitely ready to call it quits after that. Not too long after that, Noah was playing with the Fantastic 4 Human Torch action figure that he just got that morning, even after he nearly lost it once. Well, he lost it again, this time for good; the water was just too murky to see anything past about 18 inches deep (Eeeew). I scuttled around feeling the bottom for anything that might be an action figure, and came up empty-handed, at least in that respect. I did find a pair of sunglasses, though- Maui Jims. The solid metal frame was a bit bent up, but I managed to reshape them to good as new. I remembered MJ sunglasses being a decent brand, I think we sold them at the JW Marriott in the golf pro shop. I looked around online just now for the model I snagged, and it's one of their titanium line. So, either I have a pair of fake Maui Jims, or my attempt at helping my cousin was rewarded by dredging up a 250 dollar pair of sunglasses. Knowing my luck with things like this in the past (I have a genuine, honest-to-god real Prada duffel bag worth 750 that I picked up at Goodwill for 8, and a pair of 400 dollar Ferragamo loafers I got for 7)... I'll bet it's the genuine article.