Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tempe 4th of July Tips

#1: Stand somewhere that you can see the length of the Mill Avenue bridge. A number of low pyro shots are effects that go racing across the bridge, and if you're standing near the end of the bridge (as we were) it just looks like stuff getting tossed into the air for 15 seconds.

#2: Park way the hell far away and walk to the venue. We parked at a garage (that's free after 7 PM) north of Terrace, just west of Rural, quite literally on the other side of ASU from the big event. Some friends parked in the big lot where everyone else did; we both got in our cars at roughly the same time, and we were at the rendezvous point (that they were a mile closer to!) by the time they were just getting out of the parking lot.