Sunday, July 17, 2005

microcosms of bliss

Every once in a while, little things that just sort of happen bring great joy. The one that just happened to me was taking a deep whiff of a glass of wine while there was a great big crescendo in the music I was listening to. There are days like this that I think that the Shuffle on iTunes is not quite random, but instead run by a guy who is watching you very closely.

Incidentally, the music is "Jenny" from The Rocketeer. If you've seen David Copperfield do the trick where he levitates a sofa (and a couple of audience members sitting on it), it's that song. The wine is my personal house red, the cabernet/shiraz Wine Cube blend from Target. Yes, the cube means it's box wine. It's pretty darn good. And at the equivalent price of 4 bucks a bottle, it's certainly an everyday luxury.