Friday, May 20, 2005

Human Embryo Cloning/Human Embryo Cloning

You may have recently heard the news that a British team of scientists have successfully cloned a human embryo. Naturally, a major advance in science such as this is immediately shunned by right-wing wackos everywhere. To these wackos, I have but one question.

When was the last time you had eggs for breakfast?

Speaking of eggs, now would be a good time to mention the recipe I hinted at in an earlier post, eggs fried in bread crumbs. It's quite simple. Start out with three tablespoons of well-packed, slightly stale bread crumbs. Dump the crumbs into a bowl. Measure out 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, and pour just enough of it on the crumbs to get them really soaked; set the rest of the olive oil aside, you'll be using it in a moment. Put the crumbs into a pan over medium heat, and cook until they start to sizzle a bit (it will sound like quiet radio static). Shake the pan a bit, stir once or twice if you like. When the crumbs start to get some color, add the rest of the olive oil, and some herbs; whatever you happen to have handy will work great whether fresh or dried, I've been using bouquet garni (a mix of various delicious herbs, you can get some at Penzeys Spices) and enjoying it quite a bit. Crack two eggs directly onto the crumbs, and cook until they're as done as you like, flipping halfway through cooking. If you like your eggs over easy, be sure to save some of the crumbs and sprinkle them on top of the eggs just before flipping. Once the eggs are done, slide them onto a plate, and add 1 teaspoon balsamic, red wine, or sherry vinegar to the skillet. Once it is sizzling furiously (it won't take long), drizzle over the eggs, and serve. It's really good with some great bacon or sausage (and Penzeys offers sausage seasoning too), and maybe a slice of the same bread you used for the crumbs. Oh- almost forgot to mention, using great ingredients is essential to this dish. Even Wonder bread will do in a pinch, but if you use a nice artisanal loaf, some ultra-fresh free range eggs (and what better way to get those than by raising your own chickens?), and home-grown herbs, this dish will be positively transcendent.