Sunday, June 05, 2005

It Is Done

Some of you may have been aware that I was working on redecorating my room. This:

is the result. It looks just as good in person. To celebrate, for all of my loyal fans out there (both of you), we're having a contest! It's called The Great IKEA Search. The rules are pretty simple- as a result of my IKEA addiction, the room is chock full of stuff from the place. Your challenge is to name everything from IKEA in this picture. The first person to leave a comment on this post with everything listed (or whoever has found the most by June 31) wins... are you ready for it? Dinner at IKEA! Yes, that's right, you and a guest (me) will be whisked away to IKEA of Tempe, where you'll dine on traditional Swedish fare presented in a modern setting. After your fabulous repast, you'll get to tour the store with the Cosmic Jester himself (translation: We go shopping!), and pick up valuable tips for decorating your favorite spaces. As a super bonus prize, if you can actually give the IKEA name for every single item, you'll get a 100-pack of IKEA's Glimma candles (and possibly some other Swedish swag too)! Good luck, everyone!