Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On Holiday Gifts (and the occasional lack thereof)

A quick warning to the lot of you... Yes, I know an awful lot of people, and HanuRamaKwanSticeMas is very quickly on its way. Due to my job this season, my free time will rapidly diminish as the 25th of December draws near, and shopping opportunities with it. I'm going to give you my holiday shopping methodology now so you all understand... I don't like going out to buy gifts for people. If I suddenly have a flash of inspiration and go "Aha! I know what to get for _____", or I'm out and about and I see something that makes me go "Hey, I'll bet _____ would LOVE that!", then I'll get it. If I don't see anything or have anything come to mind that you would like, then I won't get you anything. Don't take it personally. This comes from many, many Christmases with the folks where I would get *one* thing I liked, and have to take back eight or ten various items. Then there was the year they surprised me with a horse... hooboy, is that ever a rant in and of itself. Readers' Digest version: Don't surprise anyone with anything big-ticket unless you are absolutely, completely positive they really, really want it. If the thing is alive, this counts triple.

Anyway, where was I... oh yes, having to take stuff back. It's a pain in the ass, and I'm tired of it. If you know me well, you already know I can be brutally honest; if I don't like something, I'll be very thankful that you thought of me, and then tell you I don't like it ;-) If you feel obligated to get me something but can't quite put your finger on what to get me, don't worry about it. Just let me know you didn't see anything that screamed that it was perfect for me, and I'll understand completely; I know damn well that I can be very tough to buy gifts for. One hint I'll give you- no board games. If you think I'll like it, I probably have it already.