Friday, August 26, 2005

Lola Weekend

I'm coining the phrase "Lola ____", where _____ is a period of time. It's when you can tell there are multiple possibilities as to what will happen, all of them quite different (as in the excellent movie Run Lola Run. Here's the two things that may happen:

1) A friend of mine decided that he doesn't want to go to a concert in Vegas alone, and invites me at the last minute. This is not likely (he has about three hours to finalize the plan with me), but possible. In case you're wondering, the concert is Backstreet Boys. I wouldn't be my first pick, but it does invoke my Rule of Concert Going: Unless you completely, utterly hate the band, if someone offers to take you to a concert, just go. You'll have a wonderful time. Since I don't utterly hate the Backstreet Boys, if he wants to take me, I'll gladly go.

2) I wake up early Saturday morning, do an odd job of checking people in for a medical seminar at the Ritz-Carlton, meet up with a different friend of mine, go have lunch and watch The Aristocrats with him, possibly sneak in a swim and a nap, head up to *another* odd job where I'll be handing margaritas to conventioneers up at Fort McDowell Adventures, then head back into town, sing my heart out at karaoke (JJ's Cantina on Scottsdale north of McKellips) and try Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life" for the first time in public (eep!), hand out with friends after the bar closes, and stumble into bed so late it's early once more. Whew.

Either way, this weekend should be pretty darn fun. I'll let you know how it goes either way, and if I'm in Vegas, expect mobile picture goodness.